Research & Policy

Immigrants and Voting

1. Catherine Tactaquin, Voting Rights for Immigrants, Poverty & Race Vol. 13 No.6 (Nov/Dec 2004). 
"Throughout this past year, the notion of immigrant civic participation as emerged time and again as a significant trend in community enfranchisement. In cities around the country, especially where there are significant concentrations of immigrants, community organizations and immigrant rights coalitions have mustered energy and resources to conduct voter registration drives and to mobilize immigrant voters." Download this document

2. Immigration Policy Center, Power and Potential: The Growing Electoral Clout of New Citizens, Volume 3, Issue 4 (October 2004).
"Immigrants- and groups in which immigrants are a large percentage of the population, such as Latinos and Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs)- are a growing portion of the U.S. electorate. In a closely contested presidential race, the growing ranks of ‘new citizens’ – foreign-born individuals who become ‘naturalized’ U.S. citizens- are increasingly important political players. This report uses U.S. Census data from the 1996 and 2000 election years to describe key characteristics of immigrant, Latino, and API voters." Download this document

3. National Council of La Raza, How Did Latinos Really Vote in 2004? (November 16, 2004).
"Since the election on November 2, there has been considerable debate about the Latino vote.  The National Election Pool (NEP) exit poll, commissioned by major media companies and thus the most widely-cited source by the press, reported that President George W. Bush received 44% of the Latino vote, representing substantial growth from comparable exit polls of the 2000 election and a far larger percentage than most pre-election polls had predicted." Download this document

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