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S2611 - Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act

1. National Immigration Forum, Summary of Senate Immigration Reform Legislation (June 9, 2006)
"The Senate immigration bill (S. 2611) was passed by a vote of 62-36 on May 25, 2006.  This document is a summary based on an initial reading of the entire bill." Download this document
2. National Immigration Law Center, Comparison of Employment Eligibility Verification System Proposals in the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (HR 4437) and the Comprehensive Immigration and Reform Act of 2006 (S2611). Download this document

3. Robert Greenstein, Leighton Ku, James Horney, and Richard Kogan, CBO Analysis Finds Increased Revenues Would Offset Increases Entitlements Costs Under Senate Immigration Bill, Center on Budget and Policy Studies (September 15, 2006).
"The immigration bill passed by the U.S. Senate would affect the federal budget by increasing both the number of legal immigrants qualifying for federal entitlement programs and the number of immigrants filing tax returns and paying income and payroll taxes." Download this document

4. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Nancy Morawetz of NYU, the NYSDA Immigrant Defense Project, and the National Immigration Law Center, Section-by-Section Summary of the February 23, 2006, Specter Chairmanís Mark of the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006" (February 27, 2006). Download this document


CHRCL Reaction to Senate Bill S2611

5. Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Analysis of the "Compromise" Immigration Reform Proposal Under Consideration by the U.S. Senate (April 10, 2006). Download this document

6. Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, On the Brink of Immigration Policy Regression; A Guide For Community-Based Organizations, Hometown Associations, Religious Groups, Unions, And Other Organizations Concerned With National Immigration Reform (May 15, 2006). Download this document

7. Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Why We Support Immigration Reform But Oppose The Flawed Senate Immigration Bill (May 27, 2006). Download this document

8. Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, While Immigrants Rise Up, Congress Falls Down: Advocacy Groups Opposing Senate Immigration Bill (May 27, 2006). Download this document

9. Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in Light of Midterm Election Results (November 8, 2006). Download this document

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